Thursday, February 10, 2011

Meeting My Goals

For the first time, well ever, I met my writing goals this week.  Okay, it helped immensely that the census is down at the home health agency where I work for actual pay, and I only worked 4 real hours this week, but I did it! 

I sent off two agent submissions; I reworked a picture book manuscript; I wrote at least 250 words a day (tiny, I know, but I have to start somewhere!), and I started some research on a middle grade project.  (Applause).

I've tried setting goals in the past, but the words just hung out on my board like curly parsley on a plate of turkey.  It looks good, but there's no way anybody's gonna eat the stuff.

Well, this week, I ate it!  And it didn't make me sick!  In fact, it made me feel pretty darn good.  (Do you think this would work for the gym, too?)


  1. Yea, for you! I don't do weekly goals per se. More likely yearly goals with monthly aiming points. ;-)

  2. WTG, Kristen! I came back from our holiday in the Dominican with a continual migraine....I have yet to be productive. Fingers are crossed for tomorrow.

  3. Woo-Hoo! You go, Girl. Devour those goals!