Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snowman Bonbons, Travel, Christmas, Oh My!

I have been gone forever!  My apologies to any who faithfully check my blog.  This is just a "taste" of what I have been doing.  My daughter saw this in a magazine, and we just had to try them of course.  They were good, yes!

We've also traveled to see family in NC. 

But now my feet are planted firmly in front of the computer.  Write you, write!

I've received some additional advice on the same piece I mentioned several weeks ago.  This time from an agent.  Again, yeah!  So that is my goal for this month.  To get that piece ready for NYC. 

I also finished the second book in the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire.  I had heard others say they didn't like it as much, but I have to say it kept me as hooked as the first.  In fact, I kind of snarfed it in two days on our way back from NC.  (Thanks to the husband who willingly drove most of the way!)  I simply love the way Katniss comes across...she's kick-ass tough while at the same time being innocent and naive.  I do, however, want to shake her and say, "Go with Peeta, girl...he'll never do you wrong!"


  1. I read the first two books of the Hunger Games series over vacation as well. I am cheering with you, "Peeta, Peeta, Peeta!" I'm getting ready to start Mockingjay. Hoping that I like it as well as the first two.

  2. Yay...Kristen! Agent advice is awesome...I wish you much success in NYC!