Monday, January 10, 2011

My Deep Dark Secret

Okay, it's not really that exciting, but my secret is this:  I am one-half of a wanna-be writer/illustrator pair.  At least 77% of this dream came out of the wish that my husband and I could make it in this children's writing biz together.

So I took a leap and started attending conferences.  But there I heard that if you are a writer only, never send in illustrations with your book.  Publishers will pick one for you.  They want to pick one for you.  We worried.  Would we look like one of those I-wrote-a-book-and-my-best-friend's-neighbor-once-removed-drew-the-pictures-for-me kind of pair?

So we made a deal.  I would write first, see if I could get any nibbles, and if I did, just by chance, when the pigs started flying, get a book (or two...or three? have to dream here!) published, my husband would then pop back into the picture and try to illustrate something for me.

We're still waiting for that nibble, but in the meantime, Daniel's flexing his illustrating gifts once again in the hopes we can team up one day.  Here is a picture of the main character from one of my PB manuscripts, The King of Notalot.  What do you think?  Could we carry it off?  I know, I know, don't quit our day jobs...I hear ya!

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