Thursday, September 16, 2010

Away We Go to Conference

Tomorrow I'll be attending my third SCBWI conference, and I am excited.  Not just because I'm getting away from my hectic home for a day and a half (okay, that's a huge part of it), but because for the first time I feel like a writer.  I've sweated; I've stacked up the rejection letters; I've collected a few "no, but here's my humble suggestion" letters (even better); I've started a website, blog and printed business cards; I've (drumroll) sold a story to Highlights.  I am a writer!

I look forward to hopping into the fray this year, knowing that I can talk about writing and not sound completely stupid.  Of course I'm still intimidated a wee little bit, but I am determined to move past those queasy feelings and make some real contacts.  Wish me luck.  I'll give a report when I get back (would you expect any less?).

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