Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My daughter is beating me at PiBoIdMo!

My daughter has decided to participate in PiBoIdMo, too.  She has a pink notebook, just like Mommy's, and it's called "Maggie's Big Book of Great Ideas."  (Hey--you can't have that one...that's already idea #10 in my list!).  The sad thing is, Maggie's on idea #18.  She's beating me!  Here are the best so far (in my opinion, not hers...):

Idea #5: Trapped in the forest.  Where am I?

Idea # 6: My pet dragon.

Idea #14: I think there's too many letters in the alphabet.  Is there?  Tell me!

Idea #1: The girl who turned into a puppet.


  1. This is great. Not great as in your daughter has more ideas than you. But, great that she is doing it with you! Btw, I'm a bit jealous because she has more than I do....and those you posted are great! Love the alphabet one, that one sounds like a funny read! ;)

  2. She's got something with #1 and #14...perhaps work together. Great job! I would personally rush to the register to purchase a Mother-Daughter creation.

    Keep up the great work!

    - Crave