Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brave New World

My baby went to kindergarten today.  That means both kids are at school.  It's a bittersweet day.  Maggie was clearly nervous, and Elijah noticed right off the bat that a past-year bully was in the seat next to him.  We were nervous for both of them and a little sad at the milestone.  But...and this is a big but, not a little wimpy one...Mommy all of the sudden has writing time!

I sat at the computer today like a woman who has been crawling through the desert and suddenly sees a pool of water.  I picked up several stories, panting over each one, wondering where to start. 

For now, I decided to start with a plan.  I have a conference coming soon, so marketing needs to be considered.  Not  the favorite part of many writers, but a necessary one.  So here's the plan:
  • Update my blog, step one. 
  • Update my website, step two.  (Need to make the all important declaration that we no longer have a dog named Charlie...see previous blogs and be rest assured that he is in a good foster home awaiting a family who can love him despite his constant urination...but now have a dog named Allie.  And need to update my list of works).
  • Work on my application for the MO-SCBWI mentorship program, step three.
  • Then write, write, send, send, steps four through infinity.
This is a brave new world.  A world that I have never experienced and not quite sure how to navigate.  But as long as the puppy takes some naps (I see some long walks in my future to ensure that!), I should be just fine.

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  1. As usual, I find your writings so interesting. You certainly were fast out of the starting gate on your first full day to yourself. Good wishes coming your way as you head towards your goals.