Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nature's Cleanser

A week ago, the winds they were a'blowin'.  For most of us, the winds wreaked havoc with our sinuses.  Pollen swirled in the air like a yellow tornado.  Weather reports cited the highest pollen count in years.  Even I experienced a tight throat and itchy eyes.  I'm usually unaffected.

But the winds played another role that week.  While at the park with my daughter and another playmate, I heard the cracking of limbs above.  One branch even fell a little too close for comfort, making us rethink the wisdom of playing under the canopy that day.  Mother Nature had implemented her built-in cleansing system.  The same winds that forced many of us inside with coughs and wheezes were busy blowing away the detritus of the trees.

How nice would that be to have a great gust of wind blow through our busy lives and blow away all the unnecessary stuff that we pile on?  What would go, what would stay? 

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